About Castle Iron

Who are we?

We are a small team of cast iron enthusiasts operating out of our hometown of Winnipeg, MB. We shared a common vision of bringing back Canada to it's glory days of cast iron cookware manufacturing. Our cast iron is made from 100% recycled metals, meaning our cookware is some of the greenest in the entire cookware industry. Trying to make this all happen during Covid lockdowns, without jeopardizing any of our quality or values has proven to be more than difficult. However, we have pushed through and are excited to be in the final stages of launching our company through our Kickstarter campaign.


Our mission is to bring back Canadian-made cookware. We strive to achieve this by creating innovative cast iron cookware, while keeping all levels of production in Canada.

As our company grows, we pledge to keep our environmental footprint low, product quality high, and all of our cookware made in Canada.


Our story begins as we embark on a 5 month road trip. My girlfriend and I decided to save our money, quit our jobs, and travel “while we’re young”. With help, we converted a van into our tiny home on wheels. This was one of the best decisions we ever made. As we journeyed across North America we experienced some good, some bad, and many life changing moments. Living without the comforts of modern life was hard at first, but it actually brought us a crazy amount of enjoyment. Living in the moment felt amazing. The three biggest lifestyle changes that allowed us to consistently practice this mindfulness was from living without TV, minimum phone usage, and mindfully cooking each of our meals. I’m not talking about just throwing together a quick breakfast because you’re hungry, rather, tuning your attention to each moment as you create delicious foods. Focusing on the prep, flavours, smells, and the sizzle (my favourite) of the foods you cook is an easy way for anyone to feel this amazing energy daily.  

Cooking with cast iron was the logical next step. From the health benefits, to the many capabilities, I quickly became infatuated with cast iron and wanted to learn everything I could about it. I was both surprised and saddened to learn about the rise and fall of our country’s once great industry. Canada was once a pioneer in cast iron manufacturing. Today, our industry is just remnants of what it used to be. As a country, we traded our Canadian jobs, quality and accountability for cheaper products made overseas. Products ridden with chemicals and that are not built to last.

We decided to do something about this.


Why Castle Iron? 

Today, we find that there’s too many people lacking energy and enthusiasm in the kitchen. What should be an enjoyable experience is oftentimes rushed through. People seem to be just “going through the motions” rather than really living. Always thinking Castle Iron is dedicated to bringing back this enthusiasm. 


By choosing Castle Iron, you’re choosing..

  • To help bring back manufacturing in Canada
  • Pride in ownership of Canadian made products
  • All natural cast iron made with no synthetic chemicals
  • Cookware that will last for countless generations. Regardless if your “Non-stick” surface wears out.
  • Reducing the amount of cookware that ends up in landfills
  • Cookware made with higher standards