We've compiled a list of things we find essential to you building your knowledge and mastering how you use your cast iron.


1. Never Start Cold - always preheat your cast iron before cooking your meal. If you place food in a cold skillet, it will most likely stick.

Allow your cast iron to heat for about 5 minutes on low-medium heat.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Fats - cooking with generous amounts of fat/oil will build up your seasoning and further prevent bits from sticking on. This especially helpful when your seasoning is just starting out

3. Stop Touching Your Food - allow proteins such as fish, chicken and steak to properly sear and release their fats before you move them.

4. Remember Heat Retention - once your cast iron is hot, it stays hot. Unlike other cookware, your cast iron can continue to cook your food and keep it warm after the heat source is gone.

5. Always Dry - never let your cast iron sit with water on it. This can wear down your seasoning and cause rust. Check out our Cleaning Guide for any questions in regards to cleaning.

6. Protect Your Hands - at high heats, your cast iron handle may be too hot to handle. We created specially designed heat-reduction handles so you can comfortably handle your cast iron.

7. Use a Quality Scrubber - avoid using abrasive materials such as steel wool, as this can penetrate layers of your seasoning.

8. Re-Oil - once your cast iron is clean, we recommend spreading a thing layer of oil over it. This will help protect your beloved seasoning and keep your cookware ready for next use.



It may take a while until you’re comfortable cooking with your cast iron.. Which is totally okay. Experiment cooking different dishes at different temperatures on different heat sources. There’s so many ways to cook with cast iron, we recommend trying them all!