Versatility of Cast Iron



Cast iron is widely known as the most versatile cookware. This is because you can easily cook on your stove top, in your oven, on your BBQ, grill, campfire or any other heat source!

Whether you want to pan sear a juicy steak, sauté mushrooms, bake cinnamon buns, fry chicken, or braise pulled pork chili - your cast iron skillet is the optimal tool for the job.

Cast iron can be used on many different heat sources, for many different types of cooking.


Cook on Any Heat Source 


Cook with your Castle Iron skillet on any stovetop whether that's induction, electric or gas range.



Broil cheese on your favourite pasta dish, or bake an apple pie.. the possibilities are endless.


Grill / BBQ

Cast iron eliminates uneven cooking, perfectly sears and retains all the juices from those steaks.



Cast iron is the ultimate cooking tool when it comes to cooking on direct flames. 


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